Meta tag generator tool for blogger (2018)

Meta tag generator tool for blogger (2018)
Hi Guys Today In This Post I Gonna Show You The meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger so If I Talk About This Tool The Tool was Very Helpful For Your Blog because The tool Can Help In Seo Of Your Blog. 

If You Can See in the image. The Meta Title And Meta Description That Matters If This Is not Catchy Title and Description you Can Not Rank Your Site On The Top if No Write Your Meta Description Google Makes Automatically Makes A Description From your Content This May Bad Impact In The Search Result.

How To Make Meta Tag Tool For Your Blog.
First Of All search Best meta tag generator tool for blogger So I was recommend you This Website called 
The Website Makes Amazing generate Meta Tag.

Instructions: (How To Setup Meta Tags On Your Own Blog)
Simply Go To Make Sure You Are browsing in Desktop Version. 
So Now Go To Your Blogger In The New Tab>>Go To Setting>>Copy The Description Of Your Blogger>> Paste It On Meta tag Website>>copy The Important keywords Of Your Blog Then paste It.
And Then Click Create Metatags.
Copy The Code And Then Paste In your "Head Section"
Make Sure Your Description May Have Max '150' Characters.

This Is The Interface Of The Site.

if Any Other Question Comment Me In The Question Section. 
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Hey Guys Today I Gonna Show You The best link shortener earn money so If You Don't know How Is This Work so  i will tell you the Working strategy.
Dont Miss The Previous Post: Check Website Traffic Google 

                  Link Shortner Earn Money

High Paying Url Shortner Sites

1. Za.zl
The Fatastic URL Shortner You can Short Any Type Of Url in this Site. This Site Was Pay You In the high Range. (10000 Visitor=100$) The Minimum Withdrawl Is Very Low (2$) High Paying Rates Drive Unlimited Traffic Through your Shortern Link,Also You Can Analyse Your Stats. You Can Withdraw Your Payment From The Paypal,Bitcoin,Banktransfer,skrill,webmoney and Payza. So This Site Have Trust Thats Why i will Show This Site Is On The No.1 so You Can use It Them.


The second most Popular URL Shortener You Can also Use This Tool For Url Shortning You Can Simply Sign Up In This Tool Minimum Amount Of Withdrawn Is 5$ From Paypal And This Site Was trustable Site So You Can Make A Account Earn Money You Can Also Check The Stats In This Site. The Site Have Google Adsense type Algorithim Pay Per Click Was High Seperate For Selected Country All Rates Was Changed Was Selected Countries So If You Make More Money You Can Target United States Traffic Because This Country have High Pay Per Click.


Next is this is Proffessional site all Telecom Company Was Use This Tool For Url Shortening  The Makes UrL Like This "" The Site have also Costumization Option. the Minimum Withdrawl Is 1$ Which Is Very Good For NewBie You Can Also Track Your Stats. Website Partners Aemerican outfitters,keurig,Progressive,BuzzFeed And So The Site Was Trustable you Can Short your URL Freely.


So This was very Old Site You Can Also Use Tool for Url Shortening the Paid You Minimum 5$ From Paypal,payza and Payoneer if You Have Any Type Of Problem You Directly With The Support 24/7 The Site Have Also Advertiser You Can Advertise Your Product At Low Cost Minimum 5$ Campaign.

The Site Comes Newbie in this Year (2018) The Site Offers You High Paying Rates If You Have 1000 Visitors You Will Earn 22$ the Site Shows Freely On The HomePage Payout Minimum 5$ From Paypal,paytm,payza and Bank Transfer. Reffering Commission Was 20% You can Also Earn By Reffering.

Preivious Posts: 

So These Are The Sites for link shortener earn money I Hope You Guys Like This Post If Have Another Post You Will Sign Up The Email.

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How to track blog traffic

How to track blog traffic
Hi Everyone Today I Gonna Show You check website traffic google

Yes The Google Analytics this is The Key To Track Your Blog Traffic

Check website traffic google

So How You Can Link Your Website with Analytics.

Step By Step...

1. Simply sign up on Google Analytics Site.signup process is very simple you can See Your See Your analytics dashboard Like this.and this not a full screenshot so sign up and login to see full dashboard.

Best Analytics Tool For Blog

2.Then Left Side Section You See Many Options. Left Down Side You Select Admin Option.
Analytics Tool For Blog
3. And Then Select The Property Setting.When u select the property setting. The site shows the new popup

4. Then Copy The Tracking Code.

5. Then GO to the
6. Go To The Setting Section.

7. Select 'Other' Option. When You Select Other Option. Scroll Down You Will See The Google Analytics Option Paste Analytics Code To The Blank Section.

Then Paste Your Code Congarturation Analytics is link To Your Blog Now Download The Google Analytics App From Play store. Then login And Now You Can Track Your Blog Traffic With The App Or You Can Also Track Your Blog Traffic On PC.

Now We Talk About Feature Of this Tool.
which country you have more traffic You can Simply Analyse with this tool.
Real time,devices,Bounce rate,Acquisition,overview,Site Speed (You can Also Create A Website Speed) etc have in this tool the tool was trusted by google. You can use for free you can Also check the traffic behaviour. Check how many spend the visitor on your Site or Blog. Also Check The Right Active Users. And Other Features You Can Try This Tool. i recomend This Tool Because I Personally Use.
So It And Enjoy.
And Confirm Your Email For Mew Post For me.
I Know the Pixels of The Image Is Very but I was only Show you the directions
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Free Facebook Auto Posters

Free Facebook Auto Posters
Hi Everyone today I gonna show you which is the best Free Facebook Auto Posters 

Facebook autoposter sites

I will Show You Top 5 Free Facebook Auto Posters
Facebook autoposter sites

PilotPoster Is a free tool to use this Is Mainly use for Fb Groups Auto Posting work You can Drive Unlimited Traffic by Using This Tool You can Generate Sales In Very Easy Steps the Search Rank Is Very high of this site When You search any type Of Keyword Like "fb auto poster" Etc. This site is on the top you can run A Campaign free free of cost on this site no hidden cost non scam site you can use this site easily and freely also this site have pause and resume option. When u post any content to fb this make automatically sent to all Groups So This Can U Help Generate More Sales generate traffic to your site and other type of work.

Sujoydhar is a free tool to sent all your links and type of digital items you can sent easily to all Groups on FB About the Admin The Sujoy Dhar Was The Founder of this Site You can Scheduling your Post Sent Timing This Is The Second Best Tool To Use To Promoting Your Products you can run multiple fb accounts in this site so you can Easily promote your products on this site for free.

Supagrowth Is A Simple and free tool simply you can sign up on this site and then login the supagrowth site when u login the site shows many type of options you can select any type of as you wish the site have same work but have many options.

So Guys This Is The Sites I hope this content was helpful for you thanks for visiting my blog

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Free Screen Recorder Without Watermark

Free Screen Recorder Without Watermark
Hi Guys In This Post  I Gonna show which is The Best Screen Recording App For Android 
No Root,without In App Purchases,without Watermark and Unlimited Screen Recording App.
Duscreen  The App Is Very Simple To Use 5M+ Downloads On Play Store 4.5 Positive Rating The App Have No In App Purchses 
The App Interface Like This.

Free Screen Recorder without watermark

Feature Of This Cool App 
The App have Shake To Stop The Screen Recording Feature  This Feature Is Very Awesome For Me Because I Personally Use For My YouTube Videos If You Record The Screen in High Quality Obviously this App Have. You Make Your Own Channel Logo When You Record The Screen You Can Record The Screen Without Watermark  Like This 

Screen Recorder Without Watermark

When You Record The Screen You Also Disable The Message Notification Pop up Feature.
You Can Also Live on this App.

So Now we Talk About How Download This App.
Simply Go To The Google Play Store Type Du Screen Recorder The Logo Have In Orange Colour Download It And Use It Like a Pro This App Can Be Very Helpful For You Because The Easiest Way To Use This App.
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Blog for Sartup bloggers

Blog for Sartup bloggers
Hi Guys This Is Harsh Verma In This Post I Gonna Show You How to Build A Blog For Beginner 
in The Previous post I Shows How To Viral Youtube Channel

So Start From A Basic Steps.

Before You Start A Blog You Need To Do Is Select Niche This Is Very Important For Blogging Career Think About Niche Which Niche I Perform Best In Blogging Career When You Select Your Niche You Have To Buy A Domain like .com .net .in These Type of Domain You Have To Buy To Start A Blog But .Com Is Best For You.
For Cheapest Domain on Godaddy Code:CJCRMN2CP
Next Is Good Hosting Plan The Hosting is Good For Your Blogging So You Will Buy Hosting From Popular Companies Like Godaddy,hostgator And Bluehost These Companies Are Very High Rated Companies.
Choose Medium Plan For Your Blogging if You Are Begginer in Blogging.
Next is Upload Posts In Your Blog Create High Quality Posts Because Content Is King Dont Think website Makes You Rich In One Day you Are Wrong Only One Thing in onlinework Is Smartwork Not Hardwork Only smartwork Make sure Your Posts Have 500 or 2000 words Maximum.
And Publish Your First Post On Your Blog and Then Share it On Social Media tag Post Link to Your Friends Join Lots Of Groups Sent Your Post Link in their Whatsapp Groups Then You Make Your Blog increase Socially And Strong Socially.
Submit Your Site All Search Engines
Submit Your Blog site Link To All Search Engines This Can Help You To Indexing In All Search Engines use this Site To Submit Your Blog Link To All SearchEngines
Branding Your Blog 
Now The Next Step Is Branding of Your Site Or Blog The Branding Is Mainly Matters On Your Site Or Blog so How To Branding Your Blog Or Site.
Firstly Make Favicon Of Your Blog Like This

You can Search "How To apply Favicon On Blog" on Youtube.
Set The Favicon On Blog.
and next step is Build Your Blog Reputation Using All Social Sites Sign up In all Social Sites with The blog domain Name
Example: Your Site Name And You will sign up with social sites with this Domain name And You Will Good Repo.
And Nxt Step Is Seo (Search Engine optimization)  This is The Very Important part of Blog To Optimize Your Blog Post

How to Seo Of Your Blog In Starting Steps.
So When You Create Blog Post And When You Publish Your Article Then Share your Post Link To Social Add Url To All Search Engines.
Create Backlinks with Your Realted Sites
Contact with Another Big Bloggers Talk With Us For Create Backlink In Their Blogs.
Submit Your Link To Directory Submission
Google Loves .Edu Sites
Research About .edu Sites Create backlink  On These Sites this can help You to Get High Priority From Google.
Google Thinks "Hey This Site Linked From Trusted Sites"
Keyword Researching.
Research about Low Competition keywords research about long tail keywords And make on low Competitin Keywords And Obviously Your Blog Post Was Rank Dont Make Article On High Competition Keywords This Can You Have No Response  Because Old Bloggers Are Already Ranked And Have Experience.
So Any Other Question Comment Me in the Comment Section.
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How to viral youtube channel

How to viral youtube channel
Hi Guys This is 22:50 Time.
So This Post Is For Youtube Channel Viral Strategy So How To Viral Youtube Channel
This Is The My Experience on Youtube In Year 2016 I Create a new Channel On Youtube Name "Netlovers" I Don't no what is Thumbnail,Title,Tags And Description How to create this I Don't know In  Year 2016 I Create A New Channel On Youtube (Netlovers).

So I Upload many Category types of videos Upload On Youtube But No Response I have some Views something 12 to 13 views
I am Totally Demotivated Quickly And I was Thinking This Is Fake And Not A Real Platform But Few Days Ago I Realized And Analysed About Making Youtube Career and I Was Search On Youtube How To Make Money On Youtube. Youtube Shows Me All videos About Making Money From Youtube From Basic Steps To Top I watch some Videos On About "making money On Youtube" And Some Youtubers Shows Her Payment Proofs From Youtube Recieving and Then I Am again Motivated and again i start my channel When I Start My Video Uploading Work I was Think Which type of Category is Best For me on youtube I was Upload Videos On Youtube and Finally I Selected My Category and I Was Upload Two Videos A day In the selected category in One Month I Was Hardly Work On Youtube before them I have some subscribers and views but I am not satisfied I am not Demotivated Again Youtubers says Patience is the very important of Youtube Career. So I Was Upload video on YouTube regularly hardly one year ago I Was Shoked Because I Have 7Lakh Subscribers on Youtube this is the big reward for me And This Is My Dream I am Success In This Field.
 Big youtubers Says Upload Regular Videos If you Success On Youtube But This Is Wrong My Friends If You Have Unique Content Or Unique Idea You Will Share Your Ideas on Youtube And For Sure You Will Get Success Quikly On Youtube.

If you Have passion Dont Demotivated Because These Online Work Have Much time and the Online Works Have Not Much Hardworking Only Have Active And Sharp Brain To Success in Online Work.

So, How To Success On Youtube 
This Is Not A Rocket To Success On Youtube But I will say You Most Important Things to do In Youtube Career When You Opening Your Channel First thing To Do Is Catogary choose Your Best Category For Your Channel Because Category Is The most Important Thing In Youtube Career Please Don't Make All Type Of Videos.
Example: Your Channel Was In the Tech But U make Homemade video,funhacks,magic and science experiments video Don't Make All Type Of Videos.
Your Channel Was In Tech Section You Make only Tech Video. if You Make All Type Of category Videos people don't Know Which Type Of Category Of This Channel.
And Basic Things is You Know is Thumbnail,title,description And Tags
When You Upload the Video These Part Are The Most Important Things To Do You Work On Basic Steps And Make It Catchy if I Talk video quality Video make much better but Quality Was Not Matter Your Content matter Because Content Is king. If You Make video on mobile you Make thumbnail from "Pixelab app"
This App Is Better for you for making thumbnail.
Getting Tags Download "Youtags pro app"
Now We Talk About Which Category Have More Money On Youtube.
Which Category Have More Money On Youtube.

  • Tech
  • Health And Fitness 
  • Affiliate
  • Funny (Low Money) But Views And Subscribers.
  • Music (More Money)
  • Education (Low Money)
  • Blogging Videos (Medium Level)
  • Hacking 
  • hacks
  • Food
  • Craft
  • Blogs
  • Earn Money Online
Tips And Tricks And More.

 If You Have Question How To Viral Youtube Channel 
Comment Me 

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