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Hi Guys This Is Harsh Verma In This Post I Gonna Show You How to Build A Blog For Beginner 
in The Previous post I Shows How To Viral Youtube Channel

So Start From A Basic Steps.

Before You Start A Blog You Need To Do Is Select Niche This Is Very Important For Blogging Career Think About Niche Which Niche I Perform Best In Blogging Career When You Select Your Niche You Have To Buy A Domain like .com .net .in These Type of Domain You Have To Buy To Start A Blog But .Com Is Best For You.
For Cheapest Domain on Godaddy Code:CJCRMN2CP
Next Is Good Hosting Plan The Hosting is Good For Your Blogging So You Will Buy Hosting From Popular Companies Like Godaddy,hostgator And Bluehost These Companies Are Very High Rated Companies.
Choose Medium Plan For Your Blogging if You Are Begginer in Blogging.
Next is Upload Posts In Your Blog Create High Quality Posts Because Content Is King Dont Think website Makes You Rich In One Day you Are Wrong Only One Thing in onlinework Is Smartwork Not Hardwork Only smartwork Make sure Your Posts Have 500 or 2000 words Maximum.
And Publish Your First Post On Your Blog and Then Share it On Social Media tag Post Link to Your Friends Join Lots Of Groups Sent Your Post Link in their Whatsapp Groups Then You Make Your Blog increase Socially And Strong Socially.
Submit Your Site All Search Engines
Submit Your Blog site Link To All Search Engines This Can Help You To Indexing In All Search Engines use this Site To Submit Your Blog Link To All SearchEngines
Branding Your Blog 
Now The Next Step Is Branding of Your Site Or Blog The Branding Is Mainly Matters On Your Site Or Blog so How To Branding Your Blog Or Site.
Firstly Make Favicon Of Your Blog Like This

You can Search "How To apply Favicon On Blog" on Youtube.
Set The Favicon On Blog.
and next step is Build Your Blog Reputation Using All Social Sites Sign up In all Social Sites with The blog domain Name
Example: Your Site Name And You will sign up with social sites with this Domain name And You Will Good Repo.
And Nxt Step Is Seo (Search Engine optimization)  This is The Very Important part of Blog To Optimize Your Blog Post

How to Seo Of Your Blog In Starting Steps.
So When You Create Blog Post And When You Publish Your Article Then Share your Post Link To Social Add Url To All Search Engines.
Create Backlinks with Your Realted Sites
Contact with Another Big Bloggers Talk With Us For Create Backlink In Their Blogs.
Submit Your Link To Directory Submission
Google Loves .Edu Sites
Research About .edu Sites Create backlink  On These Sites this can help You to Get High Priority From Google.
Google Thinks "Hey This Site Linked From Trusted Sites"
Keyword Researching.
Research about Low Competition keywords research about long tail keywords And make on low Competitin Keywords And Obviously Your Blog Post Was Rank Dont Make Article On High Competition Keywords This Can You Have No Response  Because Old Bloggers Are Already Ranked And Have Experience.
So Any Other Question Comment Me in the Comment Section.

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