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So This Post Is For Youtube Channel Viral Strategy So How To Viral Youtube Channel
This Is The My Experience on Youtube In Year 2016 I Create a new Channel On Youtube Name "Netlovers" I Don't no what is Thumbnail,Title,Tags And Description How to create this I Don't know In  Year 2016 I Create A New Channel On Youtube (Netlovers).

So I Upload many Category types of videos Upload On Youtube But No Response I have some Views something 12 to 13 views
I am Totally Demotivated Quickly And I was Thinking This Is Fake And Not A Real Platform But Few Days Ago I Realized And Analysed About Making Youtube Career and I Was Search On Youtube How To Make Money On Youtube. Youtube Shows Me All videos About Making Money From Youtube From Basic Steps To Top I watch some Videos On About "making money On Youtube" And Some Youtubers Shows Her Payment Proofs From Youtube Recieving and Then I Am again Motivated and again i start my channel When I Start My Video Uploading Work I was Think Which type of Category is Best For me on youtube I was Upload Videos On Youtube and Finally I Selected My Category and I Was Upload Two Videos A day In the selected category in One Month I Was Hardly Work On Youtube before them I have some subscribers and views but I am not satisfied I am not Demotivated Again Youtubers says Patience is the very important of Youtube Career. So I Was Upload video on YouTube regularly hardly one year ago I Was Shoked Because I Have 7Lakh Subscribers on Youtube this is the big reward for me And This Is My Dream I am Success In This Field.
 Big youtubers Says Upload Regular Videos If you Success On Youtube But This Is Wrong My Friends If You Have Unique Content Or Unique Idea You Will Share Your Ideas on Youtube And For Sure You Will Get Success Quikly On Youtube.

If you Have passion Dont Demotivated Because These Online Work Have Much time and the Online Works Have Not Much Hardworking Only Have Active And Sharp Brain To Success in Online Work.

So, How To Success On Youtube 
This Is Not A Rocket To Success On Youtube But I will say You Most Important Things to do In Youtube Career When You Opening Your Channel First thing To Do Is Catogary choose Your Best Category For Your Channel Because Category Is The most Important Thing In Youtube Career Please Don't Make All Type Of Videos.
Example: Your Channel Was In the Tech But U make Homemade video,funhacks,magic and science experiments video Don't Make All Type Of Videos.
Your Channel Was In Tech Section You Make only Tech Video. if You Make All Type Of category Videos people don't Know Which Type Of Category Of This Channel.
And Basic Things is You Know is Thumbnail,title,description And Tags
When You Upload the Video These Part Are The Most Important Things To Do You Work On Basic Steps And Make It Catchy if I Talk video quality Video make much better but Quality Was Not Matter Your Content matter Because Content Is king. If You Make video on mobile you Make thumbnail from "Pixelab app"
This App Is Better for you for making thumbnail.
Getting Tags Download "Youtags pro app"
Now We Talk About Which Category Have More Money On Youtube.
Which Category Have More Money On Youtube.

  • Tech
  • Health And Fitness 
  • Affiliate
  • Funny (Low Money) But Views And Subscribers.
  • Music (More Money)
  • Education (Low Money)
  • Blogging Videos (Medium Level)
  • Hacking 
  • hacks
  • Food
  • Craft
  • Blogs
  • Earn Money Online
Tips And Tricks And More.

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