how to get verified Checkmark on youtube

Hi Guys Today i gonna Show You how to get verified checkmark on youtube When You have BLUE Tick You Are Totally Motivated I Know And You Are Satisfied With Your Channel.

how to get verified Badge on youtube

Now you Can See In The Image This Type Of Verification Badge On Your Channel.

So Why YouTubers Demand This Verification Badge on It's Own Channel. 

Because YouTubers Know The Importance verification Badge YouTubers Know The Importance Of Verification badge own It's Own Channel.
Many Types Of Importance of Blue Tick Badge So Here the Importance Of Blue Tick badge.

Like Any Viewer Playing Your Video and The Video Content Was Good then The Viewer Subscribe You and When Viewer Sees Verification Badge On Your Channel Then Viewer think This Channel Was Branded Channel.
Because Your Channel Was Properly Verified From YouTube.
When You Will Have Blue Tick It's Own Channel You Will Converted Your Channel To Brand.
These type Of Advantages When Your channel Have Blue Tick Verification Badge.

How Your Channel More Saved When You Have Verification Badge.

Yes! you can Save Your YouTube Channel Much More. According  To The YouTube Policy Youtube Have 3 Strikes (Warning)  I Know You Know about That But Many Begginer YouTuber Not Know This.

When U Upload Any Type Of video Content  if YouTube robot Sees This Video illegal,Copyright,Hacking and Any type Of Illegal Activity on Your YouTube Channel You Have One Strike Or YouTube will Your Delete Video From Your Channel Without any Sending Mail. These Type Of Seen on non Blue Tick channel. These channels Are  Also Verified From YouTube The channels Have Not Verified Tick.

But You Are Verified From YouTube And You Have Special Blue Tick On Your Channel So YouTube will Specially Mail You And Optioning You "Remove Your Video" or "Delete Your Video".

So How Youtube Makes Verified badge for Your Channel. 

This Type Of Questions YouTubers Think. You Are Eligible when Your Channel Across 10,000 Subscribers.
And So Many Changes For Getting Verified Badge For Your Channel. next is Make Same Email Account On Google Plus,insatgram,twiter And Facebook and Have Same name same Logo And Same Banner. 
That Helps You To Get Verified Badge On Your Channel.

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