why your YouTube Channel Is Not Growing [Solution]

If I Talk About why your YouTube Channel Is Not Growing so How To Fix it. I have a Solution This Is Not A Rocket Science but I Have Some Knowledge how To Grow  Your Your Channel. Firstly We Talk About.

why your YouTube Channel Is Not Growing

When U Create A YouTube Channel You Will Not Decided What Type Of Videos I"ll Create. the Videos Goes Viral.

why your YouTube Channel Is Not Growing

Select Your Correct Niche.

When You Select Your Niche. Please Make Sure You select Your Niche Correctly Because Niche Of Your Channel Is Very Important.
Focus On Your Niche Don't Waste Your Time In Those Videos that Goes Not Viral. 

Tricks To Grow Your YouTube Channel.

Like If You Grow Your Channel. You"ll need To Focus On Your Videos. Many YouTuber Shoot Their YouTube Videos In The Wrong way Like You Can See In The Image Below.

In The First Image I was Seeing On My Own Face. But  in The Second Image I was Seeing In The Mobile Camera I Hope you Understand Me Properly What I Say You.
When You Shoot Your Videos Many YouTubers Shoot In The Wrong Way Don't See Your face Only in The Camera Lens. It Can Attract  more Visitors And It Can Be Attract Your Audience Retention this Can Be Worked For Me.

I Was Personally Use This Method.
When Create Your Proper Video Then you"ll need Video Editor Tools. Not Much Better Tool But Editor Tool You Need To edit Your Video and Then Add Your channel Intro.
It Can Help Your Channel Into Branding.
When Your Edit Your Video.
Now You'll Need To Edit Your Thumbnail. The Thumbnail Can Attract More Viewers. So make A Catchy Thumbnail.
Make them Anil In Blue Colour Background Because  This Can Be Effective.
Make Your Videos In Portrait Mode Because Portate Mode Is Much Effective. 

Now You will Need To Publish Your Video To YouTube.
Share Your YouTube Videos To Facebook whatsappTwitter and Other Platform.
Make Your Videos In Portrait Mode Because Portate Mode Is Much Effective. 

Paid Methods.

YOU can Also Use Paid Promoting Method This Can May Be Effective  On Your Channel.
I Recommend you when U Start  Your Channel You Upload Regular Videos.
Don't Promote  Your Channel in The Starting Time.
But If You Have A Much Better Video content You Can Promote Your Videos. There Are Many Cheapest Way To Promote Your Channel Like Twitter, instagram, facebook and Other Many Useful Junctions.

How To Viral YouTube Video.

If You Viral Your Tube Video You Have To Make Viral video And Make video Length is 10 Min or More. If Your Video Content was Then People  Can Subscribe like And Comment you.

Set Title,tag and Description.

When U Publishing Your Video Please ReCheck Your video make sure Your Title,tag,thumbnail and Description Catchy to viral your tube video.

I Hope You Understand  my Article thanks For Visiting 

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