Problems With Free Hosting [Don't Use Free Hosting]

In The World The Number of Bloggers Is Too Much And The Numbers of peoples who read more than that.
Many New Bloggers Make Career in Blogging. but There Are Many Such Bloggers Who Do Not Have Much Money. So they Use Free Hosting  To Customize Their Blogs.
problems with free hosting

But One Thing you Should Not Do In Blogging Career Is Free Hosting.
Every Blogger Has This Question In Mind is Free Hosting.
So Today I Gonna Talk With You The Problems With Free Hosting

There are Some Points  To Be Note:

Free Hosting Sites:

There Many Free Hosting Site I Should Not Show The Names Of Free Hosting sites For Quality Purpose. So Why Does These Companies Give You Their Services For Free. 
No This Is not Free. You can Use their free services For Few Years when Your Site Go Viral The Hosting site Can Mail You to Pay Some Charges For Using Their Free Services. But There is absolutely no malfunction in the free thing. 

Uptime Effect.

If You Have Tld (Top Level Domain). I recommend you to Don't Use The Free hosting Because 100 out of 80% Uptime Goes Down And This Can May Bad Effect On Your Site.
When Visitor Goes On Your Site Dashboard Like This.

Problems With free Hosting

Low Disk Space.

It's A Very Big Problems With Free Hosting when  you Register On Free Hosting site The Site Gives You Minimum Disk Space. so You Can Not Publish High Content On Your Site. This Can Bad Impact On Your Site.

Dangerous Terms And Conditions. 

when u Register On Free hosting Site You Cannot Read The Terms And Conditions this Is The Very Big Mistake if You Learn There is Clearly Written On It "We Can Delete Your Site At Any Site" This Is Wrong For Your Site. 

Data Leak. 

With Free Hosting 70% Of sites was Not Trustable That Sites Can Leak Your Site Or Blog Data You Cannot Secured If You Use These Type Of Hosting.


You Cannot Backup of Your Site if You Use Their Services Because Site Cannot Optioning You To Backup Of Your Site.
If You Use Paid Plan Hosting Package Automatically Backup Of Your Site.

Profit of Free Hosting Sites 

When u Use Their Hosting Files To Manage to Your Site. You Will See Some Files Like "Do Not Delete" This Is The Advertisement. The Site Makes Money Ads.

More Visitors.
When the more than 100 Visitor enters On Your site. The Site Can Crash Automatically And The Site Shows The Error Page Not Found and 405 Connection Not Found And many more. The Site Have Bad Repo in the Google Algorithm.

The Limited Tools.

The Site Gives you Very Limited Tools. You Cannot Use Advanced level Tools. you Can Use Only Basic Tools.

Final Words.
If You can Run your Blog For Long Time I Recommend you Don't Use Free Hosting. It Was Not A Good Option To Manage Your Blog And You can Not Rank Your Site For Long Time.
If You Are Begginer in Blogging Field You Can Use This Junction For Learning.
So This is The Some Problems with Free Hosting. if This article was Useful For You You Can allow The Bell Notifications For Receiving New Post. 

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