Why is my website Not Ranking In Google [Some Tips To Grow Your Blog]

In The Blogging Career (2018) The Bloggers Are To Much.
The Competition Are Also To Much.
In 2010 Many Peoples Don't Know About Blogging But In 2017 The Blogging Was To Much Viral Many Peoples Makes Blogging As A Career So, Today I Gonna show You Why Your  Blog Was Not Ranking In Google

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Here's Some Tips To Grow:

Why My Blog was Not Rank in Google

Page Speed Load Time.

Page Speed Thats The Very Important Of Your Site Ranking In GOOGLE. If Any Visitor Visit Your Site.
How to Increase Page Speed

If your Site Load Too Much The Visitor Come Back From Your Site. This Is The Very Bad User Experience and This Can Very Bad Impact on Your Site Ranking.

Don't Use High Quality Image Use All Images By Compressing. You Can Also use The free image converter tool. 
Its Free And It can Help You To Compress  Image to some Kb's 

High Competition Keyword Researching.

When You Are In Beggining Level You Don't Know Which Is The Best Low Competition More Traffic Keyword For Me. So Use Kwfinder This Is Very Helpful Tool For You In The Beginning Level.
The Tool Can Check You Which KeyWord have Low Competition and Which Keyword have High.

Target Only The Low Competition Keywords In the beginning Level. Don't Target High Competition Keyword Otherwise Your Site Will Not Rank in Google Search Engine. 

Is Google Indexed My Site Or Not How To See ?

You May Very Hard working On Your Site To Rank In Google. But You Can Find Your Site Was Indexed Or Not In The Search Engine.
This Is The Very Good Question. 

  • Go To The Google.
  • Then Search Without "www"
  • Like ""
Why Is my Site Not Rank in Google

In The Below Image You Can Search In The Search engine shows Me Only My Site. 
It Means My Site Was Totally Indexed In Google Search engine. 

So How You Can index Your Site In The Search.

This Is The Very Bad Thing If you Not Submit Your site In Google Search engine.
So By Submitting Your Your Site To Google There Are Some Ways To Get instant Submitted Your Site To Google. 
  • Go To Google Webmaster 
  • Click left Site "Add A Property"
  • Now Add Your Site.
  • Your Site Was Submitted But The Sitemap Not Created.

What Is Sitemap ?
The Sitemap is The Total Structure Of Your Site. 
It Can Helps To Crawling Your Site To Search Engine.
  • Create Sitemap from If You Use Blogger You Can Use This site To Generate Your XML Sitemap.
  • When U Submitted Your XML Sitemap To Search engine.
  • Now You Can See All Site Info From Google.

Mobile Friendly Theme

The Theme Was Matters If You rank Your Site On Google.
When The Visitor Visit Your The Firstly Visitor See Designing Of Your Site.

If Your Theme Was Not Mobile Friendly You Cannot Rank In Google. so use Mobile Friendly themes when You Purchase The Theme please Also Check Reviews Of The Theme.


When You Write Your Blogpost Make Sure Blogpost You Write Have Minimum Words 300-400 The Words Also Matters.

So How Long Your Blogpost How Can You Check. Use This Tool Web page Word Counter it's free And Simple Use.
enter Your Blog Post URL and The Site Can Check You How Many Words You Write In Blogpost.
So This Is The Post 
Why is my website Not Ranking In Google

Final Words 

If You are In The Beginning Level. So First of all Upload Daily One Post.
  • Use Mobile Friendly Theme.
  • Write Long Blogpost 
  • Don't Target High Competitive Keywords 
  • Use Long Tail keywords Have Low Competition.
  • Use .com Domain to Rank In Google. 

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