Why Bloggers Quit Blogging [Here's The Answer]

This is The Very Important Question "Why Bloggers Quit The Blogging" So There Are Some Points to be Note in Your Blogging Career.
Why Bloggers Quit Blogging

People Think That Blogging Is a Cash Machine.

I know the Blogger sees The Many Motivational videos about Successful Bloggers and you think That blogging is very easy to make Money, Yes You can make Money But In this Way You Have Patience. Patience Is The Very Important Part Of Blogging. Also Read: Top 10 Advantages of Blogging
When You Are In A Starting Level In Blogging Don't Think About Money Only You Have To Focus On Your Blog When Your Blog Become Older You Can Generate Revenue From Adsense And Many other networks. You Can Also make money Through Sponsorship. 
Post The Article Daily. Don't Think About Money In the Initial Level.

Why Bloggers Quit Blogging 

The Simple Answer Is Money Many Initial Level, Bloggers Think Of Making Money With Blogging in the Initial Level. But This is Totally Wrong You Cannot Make Money in the Initial Level Of Blogging. 
So Money Is The Main Reason of Quit Blogging.

Blogging Is A Boring 

  • People Thinks That Blogging is Just A Time Pass You Cannot Make Money from Blogging.
But This is Also Totally Wrong, People Makes Thousands Of Dollars From Blogging and this type of bloggers not up to date their blog.
They Are Completely Failure Bloggers.

How To Be A Motivated, Blogger

I know Your Blog Have No Traffic In The Initial Level But One Thing is Don't Quit Blogging. 
Post Best Articles On Your Blog You will Get Great Success On Your Blog In The Future.
Because When I Start My Blog I Have No Traffic "Have Some Traffic But Not A Great Traffic" I am Totally Demotivated But I Don't Lose. I Post At least One Article On My Blog Daily and Slowly My Blog Started Rank In Google.

I Know You Have Some Traffic But If You Post Article Daily I was Tell You With full surity. Your Blog Was Successfully Rank in Google and you will get tons of traffic in the future.


If You Start Your Blogging career Don't Quit Your Blog Post Daily Article On Your after Some Time You Become A Successful Blogger.
So Don't Quit, Be Active On Your Blog.

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