How to Get Free Traffic To blog [Some Strategies]

"Free Traffic to my blog." A lot of peoples put these type of keywords on Google in the initial level blogging stage even I am also coz I know the feeling of new bloggers

They face many types of problems in the initial stage. But don't quite If You post again and again and again You get the result. Don't Post scrap material post only genuine material and this is also good for your blog health.
Every Blogger made mistakes in the initial level but one thing you should know mistakes make you strong. 
When u start a blog on "how to get traffic on your blog" this is the question in your mind.

Free traffic to my blog

So let's talk about traffic so I share my opinion with you. When u know you are in the beginner level please be patience because patience makes you a successful blogger.
Now let me tell you some tips get free traffic your blog.

Free traffic to my blog

Traffic From Uc

Yes if you don't know how you can get traffic from UC "here I gonna show you"

This is the small interface of Uc union You can simply sign up in this site.

Active your account and now we talk about how its work if you make genuine downloads of UC browser you'll get points in this. then this points you can redeem to money or traffic as you wish. This is a very genuine way to get free traffic to your blog
You can try it.

Email list

The email list one of the popular way to get free traffic to your site. So how you can extract emails start a small budget campaign make an infographic and publish your ad if you are successful in extracting email from peoples you can use these email list for your profit.
When you publish your content on your blog you can share this blog post link to emails. This can make you good traffic to your blog and you can send any other affiliate link this can be more profitable for you.

Quality Content.

The quality is the most important thing in the blogging "Content is King" even Google loves if you make a quality content make your content SEO friendly please don't use the black hat SEO method because google hates black hat SEO blogs even google ban these type of blogs.

The benefit of making quality content is that the visitor spends more time on your blog these things Google love and rank your site on the top easily.

Do some Keyword Research 

There are many free tools to research keywords for your blog this is a very important thing. When you writing a blog post make sure you do keyword research search that keyword which has low competition and high CPC. 
Target long tail keywords when You Are at the beginning level.
The long tail keywords are very beneficial for newbie blogs as compare to short tail keywords. Long tail keyword target many bloggers but short tail keywords some of the bloggers. 
So make sure you do keyword researching before you write a blog post in the right way.

Load speed 

The loading speed of your blog is very important it helps to increase visitor timing on your blog and engage with your blog.
You can check 


When the visitor read your blog post make sure you make a newsletter or any type of subscription.

As you can see in the picture this can help me to extract emails that's I install this type of newsletter or subscription.

Make Connection with another blogger

This is another good way to get free traffic to your blog. When you comment on a particular blog, again and again, the author of the blog is getting noticed you'll make a good connection with each other. In the future, you can tell him about your blog and get a backlink for your blog.

Real and organic way to get a good backlink with this method.

Make a youtube channel 

Make a channel on youtube matching with your blog name upload videos with the same topic on youtube and your blog this can help to your blog getting free traffic. When you have a good subscriber base you can share blog URL in the description.

Gifts for our audience

This also can help you to get free traffic to your blog when you share the gifts to our audience monthly. Visitor, again and again, visit your blog and visitor shares your blog to their friends. 


So there are some good points to get free traffic to your blog. Just focus on your blog. Post genuine quality.

Don't focus on quantity focus on your quality.


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