How Shopdealclue Cheated Me [EXPOSED]

Hi, Guys in this post I gonna talk about How Shopdealclue cheated me.
Well, First I'll show The Image of the Product bought From Shopdealclue.

How Shopdealclue Cheated me

Recently I purchased this item [JBL e15 Earphpnes] and I running the Instagram and I saw the ad of Shopdealclue. In the ad, they were Saying "buy JBL Earphones in Rs.240 And I was Shocked because when I check the earphones real price on amazon Rs.1299 and I was thinking to buy these earphones for me Then finally I bought it.

4 days ago I received the parcel from shopdealclue of these fake earphone and I finally gave money for these Earphones.

The Box

See the fraud company packaging box looks like.

Shopdealclue review


About the product how can I find this is fake

When i received the product and When I open the box there was no bill in it and I put the earphones on my hand I feel this is fake the look of the earphones is look like original JBL earphones but this is not the original earphones. When I read reviews of JBL e15 earphones on Amazon. public says according to the bass this is good.
But when I put these earphones in my ears and play the music. The music quality is of this earphones so cheap. But the real jbl company has quality earphones. That's why this is costly but not so much costly according to me it's costly.

You can also check the reviews about shopdealclue What people say about Shopdealclue

Contacting Info.

So when I decided to return this product. I opened the site and there was no customer care phone number they show only the mail [not working] because I already mailed. They were not responding. They only make people fool.

Then I go to youtube. YouTubers also makes exposed videos on shopdealclue.
All the YouTubers say this is a fraud company. 

Please don't trust any other 3rd party e-commerce websites because they only make you fool with their Shitty Products. So my experience with shopdealclue is very bad.
Trusted sites like Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal eBay. You can purchase items online from these sites according to my experience. 

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